Monday, 29 March 2010

margolily at Helen and Duncan's wedding

A raucously giant fascinator with golden pheasant feathers - survived wind and ceilidh dancing! Whooppee!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Margolily Newsletter - Spring has Sprung

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Hello to all you best dressed chickens,

Margolily here with a spring in her step and a snowdrop tucked behind her ear...and of course some stories and news from recent goings on. 

As ever you are on this list because you are a friend of margolily, maybe a boutique, a customer, a bride, a fascinator and feather lover, or maybe a customer of the future, though if you are thinking why on earth am I on this list, do let me know and I'll remove your details.

So...where to begin? In their December issue Vogue fashion adventures suggested ... wear a tiara! Margolily couldn't agree more and creative endeavours have been spiralling ever since! As I write I have the wildest of creations atop my hairdo - found some gorgeously unusual, black vintage feathers in Herman Brown's in Edinburgh and embroidered all around a snippet of the glitziest gold sequin fabric - just as perfect for a wedding at the end of the month as emailing in your jammies! Margolily made a wonderful new friend in January with Anjali's Boutique and joined her at an Asian Wedding Show - most fabulous colours as well as the utterly brilliant Punjabi No.1 break dancing, hip hopping dance crew! 

Margolily took her travelling bag of tricks and headed off to Broughty Ferry to bring a workshop to the loveliest gang of hens - and Margolily loved it! Each hen party goer made a beautiful, unique piece and kept margolily's energy going with tasty cakes and fancy tea! 

Margolily met a taxi driver with the best chat ever, whilst talking about his days as a bush ranger in South Africa he came up with the idea of running workshops alongside falconry centres ... more news to come of extra special flights of fancy with birds of prey! 

Margolily has even found time to set up a science laboratory in her bedroom and experiment with preserving real flowers in resin. The cat has become a little bit too curious so in the mean time, Margolily has sourced real flowers preserved in glycerin, which can be sewn into headpieces for an extra delicate and luxurious design. At the moment I've got some lavender hydrangea, cerise orchids, ivory gardenia and champagne roses to play with! Yeeha! These flowers are very special and will never ever fade, quite magic! Oh and Margolily is all signed up for an evening learning how to do Vivienne Westwood themed floristry ... ooohh ... expect some punky head gear in the future!

Anyone with eagle eyes may have spotted margolily decorating Alice and the red queen in this weekends' Sunday Herald Alice in Wonderland fashion story! 

So here we go for a springtime blossoming with ideas and fancy pieces,

Kindest wishes,

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Sara margolily xx

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Margolily in the News

Margolily in Wonderland with the Sunday Herald! Margolily has fallen down the rabbit's hole with Alice in todays' Sunday Herald fashion story and looks fabulous; decorating both Alice and crowning a red queen xx

Sunday, 7 March 2010

margolily workshop


Well...what a truly gorgeous day margolily spent yesterday! Invited to give a fascinator making workshop to Alison and her hens in an Alice in Wonderland themed mad hatters tea party! Everyone was fabulous and worked so hard to create beautiful and individual head pieces, we had a lot of fun, helped along by tea served in dainty china and the most incredible cheshire cat cake!